About Kclinic

Founded in 1982, Kclinic was designed specifically to serve the needs of people injured at work or in auto accidents.

Kclinic is a self-contained outpatient facility staffed with Medical Doctors and skilled health care professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of non-emergency auto and job related injuries. Outside specialist referrals are available when indicated.  We have bilingual staff to assist our patients who speak only Spanish and help them complete all paperwork.  We serve Dallas-Fort Worth and neighboring communities.

  • Kclinic’s professional staff includes Medical and Osteopathic Doctors, and Radiologists each with their professional support staff.
  • Kclinic is a patient oriented non-emergency medical clinic. We limit our practice to the treatment and support of injured patients. Kclinic provides many different programs for patients who suffer general orthopedic type of injuries.
  • Kclinic is equipped to take care of your insurance claim procedures relieving you of the hassle and bother of filing out annoying forms. This is at no additional charge. We want you to focus on your recovery not the paperwork!

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